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Article: Maripat Pacino: Pioneering a New Path in Franchise Investment with Pure Glow

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Maripat Pacino: Pioneering a New Path in Franchise Investment with Pure Glow

In the bustling business world, Maripat Pacino emerges as a novel force in the franchise industry, taking a dual investment approach that's catching the eye of many. As both a franchisee and an investor in Pure Glow Sunless Tanning's parent company, Pacino is setting a new precedent that's rare and innovative.

Maripat Pacino

Pacino, whose diverse background spans pharmacy to software entrepreneurship, ventured into the beauty franchise domain with two Drybar locations before her pivot to Pure Glow. Her journey with Pure Glow began in 2021, captivated by the simplicity and efficacy of the business model, and the lack of need for specialized licenses. "The ease of operation and the minimal training required made Pure Glow an irresistible opportunity," Pacino shared, highlighting her trust in Sean Bock's vision and Lauren Rampello Becotte's infectious enthusiasm as key motivators for her involvement.

What sets Pure Glow apart for Pacino is not just the operational model but the quality of the experience and the product itself. "Lauren has crafted a product line that's not only healthy but feels more like skincare, offering a uniform and enriching experience akin to Drybar, but in the sunless tanning arena," she elaborated.

Pure Glow Team

Lauren Rampello, the founder of Pure Glow, expressed her excitement about Pacino's unique role. "Maripat brings a wealth of experience and a visionary perspective to our brand. Her dual investment is a testament to her belief in Pure Glow, and it's incredibly exciting to have her on board as we grow."

Pacino's day-to-day involvement is strategic, allowing the operational team to steer the company's direction while she contributes her insights and oversight. This hands-off approach reflects her confidence in the team and her role as an investor.

Pacino's innovative investment approach with Pure Glow is about to materialize with the opening of the first franchise location in Phoenix in partnership with Kelli Caires.  Caires served as Pacino’s main point of contact when Pacino launched Drybar in Cleveland, Ohio. This strategic move is seen as a significant leap, blending her expertise and vision with the operational excellence of Pure Glow.

"Partnering with Kelli for the Phoenix development was a natural choice. Having worked together on the new shop opening team at Drybar, I was confident in Kelli's exceptional ability to launch and manage successful beauty franchises. Her expertise and dedication are exactly what Pure Glow needs as we introduce our unique airbrush tanning experience to Phoenix. Kelli's track record and our shared history of success make this partnership an exciting venture into the franchise world," said Pacino.

The Phoenix opening is not just a new business venture; it's a pioneering step in the franchise industry, showcasing Pacino's belief in Pure Glow's potential and her commitment to its growth. This first location symbolizes the practical application of her dual-role investment strategy, setting a precedent for future expansions and solidifying her impact on the brand's trajectory. 

As Pure Glow prepares to illuminate Arizona, the anticipation builds for a brand set to redefine beauty standards. For those intrigued by this innovative venture and the franchise opportunities it offers, visit Pure Glow and explore how you can be part of this exciting journey at

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