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Article: Drybar Franchisee Commits to Opening Pure Glow in Michigan

Pure Glow Detroit

Drybar Franchisee Commits to Opening Pure Glow in Michigan

Sometimes the best ideas come in the shower when you least expect it.  Other times, they hit you when scrolling through articles on Linkedin while you’re waiting for one of your children to fall asleep. 

The latter happened to Dave Moss.  His initial reaction to an article about a new beauty franchise was to forward the article to his wife, Erinn, who was busy tending to their other boys.  His message simply asked, “Is this airbrush tanning a thing?”

Two months later, the Moss’ signed a multi-unit development agreement to bring Pure Glow to Michigan.  Originating from Boston, MA, Pure Glow has been quickly making waves in the franchise industry based on the benefits that no other beauty franchise can deliver. 

“When Dave sent me the article, I was really intrigued with how they were describing the model.  It was as if they solved all the issues that are the challenges with my Drybar shops…no licensed employees…service time of less than 20 minutes,..high retention of employees…and a winning experience.  And then I scrolled further down the article to see who was involved in the business and that was the real clincher, “ said Erinn.

Erinn and Dave met Sean Bock while they were pursuing the rights to Drybar in Detroit.  As a former hair stylist, Erinn identified the early trend of blowouts and staked her claim to opening the first Drybar location in Michigan.  Dave was in the second stage of his career since he recently retired from playing professional hockey for over sixteen years.  At the time, Bock was leading the franchise expansion at Drybar and made an impression with the Moss’ that solidified their choice. 

“Sean was extremely thoughtful and partnered with the Drybar franchisees to maximize their potential, the Drybar opportunity within the market, and always thought about the long-term effects of Drybar’s approach to franchising.  When I learned that he was the first investor and partnered with the Pure Glow founder, Lauren, I thought that was validation enough for me”, said Erinn. 

Since opening Drybar in Birmingham, Erinn has been awarded “Rookie of the Year” and opened another Drybar shop in Ann Arbor, MI.   She expects to open her first Pure Glow location by the end of this year. Erinn is excited to reap the benefits of having two businesses that can share her experience, clients, and employees. 

“I quizzed a fair amount of my Drybar clients and I was amazed at the number of them who frequented tanning salons.  There is definitely a need to create an elevated experience that Pure Glow can deliver.  Because Pure Glow is busiest during the weekdays, my best employees can experience two ‘busy periods’ by working at both businesses.  It’s a huge opportunity to continue to build both brands alongside each other,” said Moss.

Based upon the Pure Glow team’s experience with launching beauty brands in Michigan, the greater Detroit area is the ideal spot to introduce Pure Glow to residents who want to achieve a healthy glow without sacrificing the health risks associated with traditional sun tanning or UV-Beds.  They are equally excited with the caliber of partners that they’ve attracted to help them launch Pure Glow across the country.

“We’ve been extremely appreciative of the early partners who understand the vision, purpose, and simplified business model that Pure Glow offers.  Erinn is just one of our partners who comes from the beauty franchise space and can contribute to the early success of Pure Glow.  Erinn and Dave serve as wonderful role models for whom we want to continue to attract to the Pure Glow opportunity”, said Lauren Rampello Becotte, founder of Pure Glow.

As Pure Glow prepares to illuminate Michigan, the anticipation builds for a brand set to redefine beauty standards. For those intrigued by this innovative venture and the franchise opportunities it offers, visit Pure Glow and explore how you can be part of this exciting journey at

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