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Article: Pure Glow Announces Franchise Expansion within Boston

Pure Glow Boston Expands

Pure Glow Announces Franchise Expansion within Boston

We're thrilled to announce a bright new chapter at Pure Glow as we welcome Sarah and Ross Fairbanks, our first franchisees in Boston, into our growing family. As we continue to redefine the standards of healthy and safe sunless tanning, the addition of Sarah and Ross is a testament to our commitment to excellence and expansion.

A New Horizon in Boston: The Fairbanks Vision

Pure Glow Boston Sarah and Ross Fairbanks are no strangers to entrepreneurship, having successfully built and sold two businesses with their extended family. Their journey with Pure Glow marks their first venture into franchising, bringing their passion for innovation and quality to the sunless tanning industry. Targeting the vibrant community of Chestnut Hill for their inaugural studio, they have plans to open two more locations in the South Shore, broadening our footprint in the Boston metro area.

Seaport and Beyond: Expanding Pure Glow's Reach

In tandem with the Fairbanks' commitment, Pure Glow is also set to open its flagship studio in the bustling Seaport district this summer. This marks a significant milestone in our expansion, doubling our presence in Boston by the end of 2024. With the design expertise of Heitler-Houstoun Architects, the Seaport location is poised to redefine the sunless tanning experience, setting the stage for the high-quality, health-focused service that the Fairbanks’ studios will also embody.

A Shared Vision for Health and Beauty

Sarah brings a wealth of experience from the beauty industry, having worked with Neutrogena Sun Care products at Johnson & Johnson. After dedicating time to her family, she, alongside Ross, is embarking on this new entrepreneurial venture with Pure Glow. Ross, with his background in co-founding with his family and selling facility energy management companies, brings a depth of business acumen to their Pure Glow franchises. Together, they are driven by a commitment to skin health and an upscale customer experience.

Pure Glow: A Beacon in Boston

The opening of Pure Glow’s flagship studio in Seaport Commons this summer, followed by the Chestnut Hill studio, is eagerly anticipated by our clients. These expansions not only bring new jobs but also make our premium sunless tanning services more accessible to our valued clients in and around Boston.

Join Us on This Glowing Journey

As Pure Glow continues to grow, we’re looking for passionate entrepreneurs like Sarah and Ross who share our vision for a healthier, more sustainable approach to beauty. If you're inspired by our mission and interested in beauty franchises, we'd love to hear from you.

Sarah and Ross Fairbanks are more than franchisees; they're pioneers in the next chapter of Pure Glow's story. Their dedication to health, beauty, and entrepreneurship is a shining example of what we stand for. As we welcome them and look forward to the opening of their studios, we're excited for what the future holds – not just for Pure Glow, but for the communities we serve. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our Seaport opening and the Fairbanks' journey with Pure Glow. Together, we're setting a new standard in the beauty industry, one glow at a time.

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