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Article: Veteran Beauty Franchisee Commits to Opening Pure Glow in Milwaukee

Pure Glow Milwaukee

Veteran Beauty Franchisee Commits to Opening Pure Glow in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI – Pure Glow, the innovative sunless tanning franchise, is thrilled to announce that Joy Vertz, a prominent and highly successful Drybar franchisee, has committed to opening the first Pure Glow studio in the Milwaukee market. This exciting expansion is set to take place before the spring of 2025, marking a significant milestone for both Vertz and Pure Glow.

Joy Vertz, the current Franchisee of the Year for Drybar, currently operates multiple Drybar locations in Wisconsin and Illinois. With her proven track record of success and her eye for emerging trends, Vertz's decision to invest in Pure Glow underscores the brand’s growing appeal and its potential to revolutionize the beauty industry.

A Strategic Partnership

Vertz plans to strategically locate her Pure Glow studios alongside her Drybar locations, creating a seamless experience for clients and leveraging the strengths of both brands. "I am incredibly excited about the prospect of placing Pure Glow studios next to my Drybar locations. This synergy allows us to share a client and employee base, providing our customers with a comprehensive beauty experience and creating more opportunities for our talented team members," Vertz explained.

Simplified Operations and Business Model

One of the primary reasons Vertz decided to invest in Pure Glow is the simplified business model it offers. The operational efficiency of Pure Glow, characterized by minimal training requirements and streamlined procedures, resonated strongly with her. “Pure Glow’s model is refreshingly straightforward, which makes it incredibly appealing from an operational standpoint. The ease of managing the studio will allow me to focus more on delivering an exceptional customer experience,” Vertz stated.

Minimal Licensing Requirements

A significant factor contributing to Vertz’s decision was the lack of stringent licensing requirements for employees. This aspect of Pure Glow’s model makes it easier to recruit and train staff, ensuring a quicker and smoother launch process. "The minimal licensing hurdles are a huge advantage. It simplifies staffing and allows us to maintain high standards without the bureaucratic delays," Vertz noted.

Expert Leadership and Support

Pure Glow’s executive team, led by founder Lauren Rampello Becotte, includes seasoned professionals like Sean Bock and Lynn Griffin, whose extensive experience in the beauty franchise industry brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight. Sean Bock has successfully launched two other beauty franchise concepts, Drybar and Heyday Skincare, while Lynn Griffin has been a pivotal figure at Drybar, supporting both company-owned growth and franchise operations before moving to Wellbiz. "The expertise and vision that Sean and Lynn bring to the table are invaluable. Their track record gives me immense confidence in the future success of Pure Glow," Vertz remarked. She also emphasized the remarkable quality of the franchise partners Pure Glow has recruited. "The caliber of the current franchise partners is extraordinary. Their experience and dedication make as much of an impact on the support we receive as the leadership team. It's a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards mutual success," she added.

Lauren Rampello Becotte, expressing her excitement about Vertz joining the Pure Glow family, said, “We are thrilled to have Joy Vertz on board. Her extensive experience and success with Drybar are testaments to her business acumen and dedication. We look forward to leveraging her insights and working together to make Pure Glow a household name in Milwaukee and beyond.”

Rampello Becotte further emphasized the importance of franchise partners like Vertz in shaping the future of Pure Glow. "Our franchise partners are indispensable as we venture into redefining beauty service categories. They bring invaluable insights that are pivotal for our national expansion, much like the evolution Drybar experienced 15 years ago. Joy’s feedback and experience will be crucial as we navigate this path together," she said.

Looking Ahead

As Vertz prepares to open the first Pure Glow studio in the Milwaukee market, there is palpable excitement about the brand’s potential to set new standards in the beauty industry. The combination of simplified operations, minimal licensing requirements, a luxurious customer experience, and a strong executive team positions Pure Glow for remarkable growth.

For Vertz, this new venture represents not just a business opportunity but a chance to be at the forefront of an innovative trend in beauty services. "I am excited to bring Pure Glow to the Milwaukee market and to offer a sunless tanning experience that is both luxurious and health-conscious. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey," Vertz concluded.

Pure Glow is poised to illuminate the beauty landscape with its unique approach, and with leaders like Joy Vertz spearheading the expansion, the future indeed looks bright. For more information on franchise opportunities with Pure Glow, visit Pure Glow’s franchise page.



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