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Article: Pure Glow Announces First Location in Phoenix's Prestigious Biltmore Neighborhood

Airbrush Tanning Phoenix

Pure Glow Announces First Location in Phoenix's Prestigious Biltmore Neighborhood

PHOENIX, AZ – Pure Glow, a frontrunner in the organic airbrush tanning industry, is excited to announce its first franchise location in Phoenix, Arizona, under the leadership of franchisees Kelli Caires and Maripat Pacino. Set for a grand opening in late summer of 2024, the new studio will be at 3170 East Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016.

This location places Pure Glow in the Biltmore Plaza, a high-end center known for its luxury boutiques, including Drybar, Hava Java Coffee, Mane Attraction Salon, Molina Fine Jewelers, and the anticipated Il Masseto Restaurant launched by the Maggiore family.

Renowned for its luxury boutiques, historical landmarks, and high-end living, the Biltmore area epitomizes elegance and wellness. With its rich heritage and sophisticated demographic, this distinguished location makes it a perfect fit for Pure Glow's entry into the Phoenix market. The Biltmore neighborhood, highlighted by the iconic Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Biltmore Fashion Park, the Esplanade, and other upscale shopping centers, is a beacon for those who prioritize wellness, luxury, and a discerning lifestyle.

Caires shared her enthusiasm about the location, "Choosing the Biltmore neighborhood, especially next to the Drybar, where I have a long-standing professional relationship, underscores our commitment to offering top-notch, health-conscious beauty solutions. We're eager to introduce Pure Glow to a community that appreciates the fusion of health and beauty."

Amy Ross, owner of the neighboring Drybar franchise, highlighted the complementary nature of the two businesses. "Having collaborated with Kelli and Maripat for years, I'm excited for Pure Glow to join us in the Biltmore Plaza. Our clientele, who already value premium beauty services, will benefit greatly from the convenience and excellence both our businesses offer."

Caires and Pacino met during their time at Drybar.  This is Caires first role as a franchisee having served on the franchisor side at Drybar and Heyday Skin.  She has also run multi-unit operations for Starbucks and Apple Retail.  Pacino is a multi-unit owner in the Drybar system and owns two locations in the Cleveland area.  Pacino also served as the lead investor for Pure Glow’s seed round that was completed last year. 

Lauren Rampello Becotte, founder of Pure Glow, expressed her excitement for the brand's expansion and their partnership with Caires and Pacino. "Opening our first franchise in the Biltmore area, right next to Drybar, marks a significant step for Pure Glow. This location offers a unique opportunity to reach an audience that values health, beauty, and quality, aligning perfectly with our mission. We look forward to Kelli and Maripat leading our venture into Phoenix and introducing our organic airbrush tanning services to this exclusive community."

Pure Glow is set to redefine the beauty and wellness industry in Phoenix, bringing a new level of natural, health-focused spray tanning solutions to the Biltmore neighborhood. The proximity to Drybar and Mane Attraction Salon further enhances the customer experience, providing a one-stop destination for luxury beauty services.  The location was designed by New York based Heitler-Houstoun architects who have worked with national brands like Vuori, Drybar, Skin Laundry, Rent the Runway, and Silver Mirror. 

The business will hire as many as 10-12 employees and it anticipates opening in the late summer of 2024.  For additional information about Pure Glow, its services, and pre-opening offers for the Biltmore Plaza opening please visit our location page.

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