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Article: Pure Glow is Poised for Big Opportunities in Charlotte

Pure Glow Charlotte

Pure Glow is Poised for Big Opportunities in Charlotte

Charlotte's booming economy and vibrant culture make it a hotspot for innovative business opportunities. For entrepreneurs in the Queen City, Pure Glow presents a golden opportunity to be part of the next major trend in the beauty franchise sector. Here’s why Pure Glow is perfectly positioned to become the leading name in sunless tanning and why it’s a prime opportunity for those in Charlotte interested in the beauty business.

Booming Population and Business Investment in Charlotte

Charlotte is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., with its population continuing to rise year after year. The metro area is known for its robust economy, which attracts significant business investments across various sectors. This growth creates an ideal environment for new ventures, particularly in the beauty industry, where demand for innovative services is high.

With Charlotte's sunny climate, there's a higher demand for maintaining a healthy glow year-round. Residents are constantly seeking safe and effective ways to achieve a sun-kissed look without the harmful effects of UV exposure. Pure Glow's organic airbrush tanning offers the perfect solution, catering to this demand and ensuring clients can enjoy a radiant complexion safely.

Effortless Operations for Seamless Success

Pure Glow’s business model stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. Unlike many beauty services that require extensive training and complex procedures, Pure Glow offers a streamlined approach that is easy to manage. This operational simplicity allows franchisees to concentrate on providing excellent customer service without getting bogged down by intricate processes. Erinn Moss, a seasoned franchisee for Drybar and Pure Glow, highlighted, “The straightforwardness of Pure Glow’s model is incredibly appealing from an operational perspective.”

Minimal Licensing Obstacles

Navigating licensing requirements can often be a significant hurdle in the beauty industry. However, Pure Glow’s model removes these obstacles, making it easier to hire and train staff quickly and effectively. The absence of licensing requirements for its staff is a considerable advantage, as it increases the candidate pool and allows the franchisee to hire on a broader range of soft-skills. “The lack of licensing requirements are a huge benefit. It simplifies hiring, allows us to uphold high standards, and gives us more freedom to recruit the right people without requiring a cosmetology license,” explains Shannon Williams, another successful franchisee in the Drybar and Pure Glow system.

Superior Client Experience Through Thoughtful Design

Pure Glow is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for every client. The brand emphasizes studio design, ensuring that each location provides a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. This focus on aesthetics and comfort sets Pure Glow apart from other spray tanning franchises. “The design and ambiance of Pure Glow studios are simply unparalleled. It’s about crafting a beautiful space where clients can truly unwind and enjoy the experience,” says Williams. Pure Glow has partnered with Heitler-Houstoun, a renowned design firm, to develop stunning and functional spaces that enhance the customer experience and reflect the brand’s commitment to quality.

Female-Led Leadership and Strong Investment

Pure Glow is proudly female-led, with founder Lauren Rampello Becotte at the helm and Maripat Pacino Klein as the lead investor. This dynamic duo has attracted other talented female entrepreneurs, fostering a supportive and empowering community within the franchise network. "Our leadership team is committed to supporting and mentoring our franchise partners, many of whom are women looking to make their mark in the beauty industry," says Lauren Rampello Becotte.

Pure Glow’s leadership team comprises seasoned professionals from the beauty and franchising sectors. Lynn Griffin, VP of Operations, has a wealth of experience in supporting franchise growth and operations. This strong leadership ensures franchisees receive top-notch support and guidance. “The expertise and vision that Lynn brings to the table are invaluable. Her proven track record gives me great confidence in Pure Glow’s future success,” notes Moss.

Lynn Griffin adds, “Having seen the success of Drybar in Charlotte, I am confident that Pure Glow will thrive here. Charlotte's dynamic population and the community's appreciation for high-quality beauty services make it an ideal market for Pure Glow.”

Ideal Market Positioning

With increasing awareness of the health risks associated with traditional sun tanning and UV beds, consumers are seeking safer alternatives. Pure Glow, perfectly situated at the intersection of health and beauty, offers an organic airbrush tanning solution that caters to both aesthetic desires and wellness considerations. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), personal services are expected to expand by 14% over the next few years, highlighting the strong market potential for franchises like Pure Glow.

Pure Glow’s growth is supported by a $1.4 million seed funding round, as reported by Franchise Times. This financial backing not only validates the brand’s business model but also provides the resources needed for rapid expansion. The funding has already facilitated the opening of multiple locations, with plans for many more, including in Charlotte.

Swift National Expansion

Since announcing its franchise offering in November 2023, Pure Glow has signed on seven new franchise partners, all with experience in the beauty sector. By the summer of 2025, Pure Glow will have locations open in Boston (MA), Phoenix (AZ), Dallas (TX), Detroit (MI), Chestnut Hill (MA), Milwaukee (WI), Nashville (TN), and Sarasota (FL). This rapid expansion underscores the brand’s appeal and the strength of its spray tan franchise model.

For entrepreneurs in Charlotte looking to break into the beauty business, Pure Glow represents an exceptional opportunity. With its simplified operations, minimal licensing requirements, luxurious studio design, and robust support from industry veterans, Pure Glow is well-positioned to become a leading name in sunless tanning. Supported by strong financial backing and a proven market demand, Pure Glow offers a promising venture for those eager to enter the beauty franchise space.

Ready to learn more? Visit Pure Glow’s franchise page and discover how you can be part of this exciting journey.

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